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Purple Push Pop

(Cookies and Cream x Temple Flo)

Bred by: Seed Junky Genetics


One of the newest strains we are offering is ready to be added to your collection. The purple wave is real, stay progressivly purple with this highly demanded beauty. 


An excellent production strain with lots of purple color and a strong yield. 




- Color:  Purple

- Sugary Melted Ice Cream

- Yield (1-5): 3-4

- Bloom: 9 weeks

- Effect: Indica, stoney, heavy

- 29% thc


Available to travel this week as:

5 x unrooted snips



Add her to you collection and enjoy her as headstash, or create new lines in your breeding program.



(Headstash - Small quantities only)






PURPLE PUSH POP - 5 x Unrooted Snips

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