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(Clone only)

Originally circulated by: Oaksterdam nursery, Oakland CA

Oakstradam OG strain is a celebrity cut of OG Kush made by Oaksterdam University in Oakland, the first college for cannabis. The origins of this strain are said to be from crossing a NorCal strain with a Hindu Kush plant from Amsterdam.

Oakstradam OG is known for its loud peppery, sweet, and musky flavors.

This classic example of OG Kush will not disappoint. Chunky nuggets on a classic vine-like bone structure you'd expect from an OG.



- Color: Green

- Pepper, OG with hint of lemon

- Yield (1-5): 3-4

- Bloom: 9-10 weeks

- Effect: Indica


Available to travel this week as:

5 x unrooted snips


Add her to you collection and enjoy her as headstash, or create new lines in your breeding program.


(Headstash - Small quantities only)





OAKSTERDAM OG - 5 x Unrooted Snips

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