(Animal Cookies x OGKB x Wet Dream)

By Cult Classics Seeds

This little girl right here will make Cookie fans, OG Kush fans or folks who like that knock you out type high, rejoice to the ganja heavens and wanting to give the Cult Classics crew a HIGH FIVE. (After you wake up on the couch...) This is the nightcap of cannabis.

(Below, is one of the best descriptions I've read in many years. @mrgrowguy IG)

The nose she gives off with just having your face near her - medium, almost heavily pungent, and smells of sweaty gym  socks after sitting in the corner of the room for a day, not yet musky-moldy, but earthy with some toe-funk; overall the plant is fresh yet stinky, not skunky. Stem rub - like a light hint of mint or spearmint hiding behind some kind of green bush just starting to blossom mixed with earthy, dirty rubber. Resin rub - very sticky, not greasy at all, more like when you get super glue on your fingers and right before its dry you just know you aren't going to be able to separate them the next time you try. The smell is earthy, matched to a back of sweet og funk, not quite fruity, but almost. However, the more i play with separating my stuck fingers, the more a fuel/rubber hint comes peeking around a pine tree.


Flower time: 8-9 weeks   Yield: 7 out of 10



21+ with Valid CA ID